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Virtual Hypnosis for Positive Change

Virtual hypnosis is provided straight to you, via your computer or device on Zoom or Skype, in the comfort of your own home.

Zoom hypnosis, or skypnosis as remote hypnotherapy is sometimes known, is extremely effective. I have found that hypnosis works amazingly well over Zoom and Skype.

From the comfort of home, in your own private setting, find out for yourself how many people have been able to achieve fantastic results and deep levels of hypnosis that have enabled the changes to occur rapidly and completely.

One of the major advantages of virtual hypnosis is that you do not have to travel to see me for 1:1 live therapy. As long as you have an internet connection and can find a quiet and private place in your home or office where you will not be disturbed for an hour – then you have already created the perfect condition for magical results to take place.

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Does Virtual Hypnosis Work as Well as In Person Hypnosis?

Many people have asked me how it differs from in person and whether this affects the results of my programs. I can assure you the results are exactly the same I am still face to face with you the only difference is we are communicating via a screen instead of in person.

What I have actually found is that virtual hypnosis can be even more effective than in person. Trance states while watching TV is really quite a well-known phenomenon, in fact we have all spent our lives training our brains to associate a screen with a state of intense focus on the screen.

Hypnosis is itself an intense form of concentrated focus. And research has shown that the smaller the screen the more intense the focus and since hypnotherapy is all about intense concentrated focus, Zoom and Skype hypnosis are extremely effective.

Who is Virtual Hypnotherapy For?

For many years Hypnotic Health has been providing hypnotherapy online for clients worldwide in places like Singapore, India and the UK. During the lock down period from March 2020, like many, I found myself working at home on zoom and skype with most of my Sydney clients.

What I soon found was that I had people from all over Australia booking in telehypnosis appointments with me. These were people who are open to virtual appointments in our new social distancing, telehealth environment, and who wanted to be able to see a leading Sydney hypnotherapist without having to travel.

All programs are available online and all individuals are welcome, the online therapies suit people who are isolating because of covid-19, people who live in remote areas or anyone who wants personalised tailored hypnotherapy for their issue at a time and place convenient for them.

I am excited about the possibilities for positive change that come with modern technology. With clients Australia wide that would previously not have been able to see me making positive change with hypnosis in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin. Join me in making the leap into your future with hypnosis online today.




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Make Change Happen with Hypnosis Online

What Happens in Remote Hypnotherapy Programs?

Hi, I am Julie Rice, founder of Hypnotic Health. NLP and Hypnotherapy helps you  uncover the what you want and creates empowerment so that you can face fears and achieve your full potential.

All of Hypnotic Health’s treatments are available online. Quit smoking, weight loss, anxiety, confidence, phobias, relationships, hypnofertility and addictions are all available to you wherever you are Australia wide.

All Hypnotic Health Hypnosis Programs are possible online – they consist of 3 hours of hypnotherapy and NLP complete with 2 powerful mind reprogramming MP3s.

Quit Smoking

Weight Loss & Eating



Habits & Addiction

Julie Rice Hypnotherapist

Julie Rice
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Master NLP Practitioner
ICF Credentialed Coach

Professional Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapist Council of Australia

What People are Saying

Thanks for the sessions, I feel more comfortable straight away. Thanks Julie

I did find the sessions to be really helpful as I can’t fly to see you.

I can’t believe how deep I was! Thanks so much Julie I feel like a new person.

I would say that online is very smooth, and easier than I thought. I’m glad I tried it.

How Much Does Virtual Hypnotherapy Cost?

Single Session

Hypnotherapy in Sydney CBD


Rate per Session


2 x Mp3s

3 Session Package

Hypnotherapy Online


3 Session Package Price $615


2 x Mp3s

3 x 1 Hour Sessions

Virtually Australia Wide


Hypnotherapy and NLP


All Hypnotic Health
Services Available Online

Quick FAQs

Hypnotherapy is an individual therapy and the number of sessions required does vary between individuals.

I recommend a minimum of three sessions. Hypnotherapy is not a long term treatment and usually most issues can be resolved on average in three to seven sessions. In some cases people will require extra sessions or booster sessions if there are other issues involved. Your individual needs become known once the treatment commences.

No. You just require a private and quiet setting where you will not be disturbed for 1 hour. Comfortable headphones are an optional extra that can provide a more immersive experience.

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