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Conquer Addictions with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for addictions works by changing the way that you think and by understanding how your habits form you will find yourself creating a new reward system in your mind and body that works in alignment with your values and principles.

When you turn away from unwanted behaviours you will move towards new healthy ways of thinking and feeling.

Hypnosis for addictions will not only give you a determination to succeed and create an amazing emotional resilience but it will also help you to create new habits that bring you a similar reward but by creating a new good habit loop in the brain.

  • Alcohol

  • Marijuana

  • Cocaine

  • Cigarettes

  • Vaping

  • Shopping and Online Shopping

  • Social Media

  • Gambling . . . and many more

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How Does Hypnosis for Addictions Work

Small changes made at the unconscious level will create a large ripple effect in your life. Sometimes if you even just change one key stone habit such as smoking or drinking alcohol the impact in your life is so significant that your whole life can take on a new meaning and purpose as you move towards being the best version of yourself with a very strong sense of identity.

By working on breaking up your usual routines like even where you shop or how you schedule your day and time you are effectively stopping yourself from being a creature of habit and you can become someone that can embrace moving out of fear, away from the comfort zone and into new potential.

Conquer Addiction


hypnotherapy for addictions sydney

Feel Empowered and in Control


Conquer Addiction

Feel Empowered and in Control



Enjoy Life Free from Addiction

What Happens on the Addictions Hypnotherapy Program?

Hi, I am Julie Rice, founder of Hypnotic Health. NLP and Hypnotherapy for addictions is an effective and natural treatment that can help you to take back control of your life and future.

Learn how to conquer addiction using proven techniques and strategies. The Hypnotic Health Addiction Program consists of 3 hours of hypnotherapy and NLP complete with 2 powerful mind reprogramming MP3s which will enable you to overcome addiction and live the life you want.

Take control of your habit or addiction

Practical and effective tools and techniques

Feel empowered and in control of your life

Expert hypnotherapy and NLP

Access your Subconscious mind

Julie Rice Hypnotherapist

Julie Rice
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Overcoming many Types of Addiction is also Possible with Hypnotherapy

Many addictions are easily and safely treated with hypnosis

Alcohol Addiction

It has become so socially acceptable in the 21st century to enjoy a glass of wine or beer or two with friends and at lunches and dinnertime. The alcohol might seem to help you to relax or let go at the end of a hard day.

Maybe you start to associate it with being able to be a bit less socially awkward when you are out with work colleagues or friends. Suddenly you realize that the drinking habit has now become more frequent and you find yourself making more excuses to go out all the time, every Friday and Saturday has become a binge drinking frenzy or that glass or two you used to have is now a bottle a day habit and the thought of dry July absolutely impossible.

You actually couldn’t go more than 2 or 3 days. You are dealing with more and more hangovers, craving carbohydrates the next day, your skin is dull and your energy is low, mood swings a constant occurrence. You need more alcohol to get the same buzz and now you don’t even have the buzz you just have the trigger and then the routine.

Now you are just stopping the craving. This is the beginning of addiction when a habit has become so ingrained in the brain that the loop is so well formed that you are craving the reward and your brain won’t stop until you have achieved it.

  • Did you know that 40 percent of our actions come from habits that are already stored in the brain?
  • Did you know there is a cue /trigger and then your mind moves into it becoming a routine which then seeks a reward which creates the habit loop?
  • Did you know that by identifying what the routine is you can start to know what the habit wants. For example when we drink alcohol it may be to have fun, to relax, to fill a void or not feel lonely.

Hypnotherapy will help you to have the resources you need to break this addiction and move you to new empowering and healthy habits in your life. Reclaim your energy and purpose. Book in a consultation today.

alcohol addiction hypnosis
marijuana addiction hypnotherapy

Marijuana Addiction

The National Institute of Drug Abuse recently released data that pointed to 30 percent of marijuana users as being addicted.

They also found that people before the age of 18 that had smoked marijuana regularly were far more likely to have developed an addiction.

You may have marijuana addiction when you can’t stop using it even though you know that it is stopping you from going about your usual daily activities.

Hypnotherapy for marijuana addiction can help you to create the same comfortable feelings of calm and relaxation that you used to get from having marijuana. It will help you to tap into an unlimited creative part of yourself that can provide you with all the solutions you need to make the changes that you desire.

Habitual use of marijuana can make you lazy, take away your motivation and even make you crave sugar or salt in the form of late night snacks which in turn leads to other unhealthy lifestyle choices. Take the control back over your mindset and feel your energy and motivation fire up again.

Cocaine Addiction

Research from the Australian Criminal intelligence commission points to a “broadening” in cocaine users. It has become much more acceptable in certain circles to use cocaine at parties and weekends. A lot of young people have tried it at some point or been offered it. So at what point do you realise that you may have a problem?

You may find yourself experiencing more restlessness and start to have a lack of interest in either food or sleep. You find yourself speeding up in your speech as you go from one topic to the next or perhaps you are experiencing mood swings. From being elated to really aggressive or irritable. Maybe you notice that your heart is always pumping too fast or your nose is constantly blocked up and congested.

As the habit progresses you may be looking at more serious long term damage such as muscle tremors, panic attacks, heart attacks, severe migraines, seizures, strokes and eventually a coma type of death.

At it’s very worst cocaine can lead to psychotic attacks and visual hallucinations where you may start to feel like everyone is out to get you. Cocaine users tend to deny how much they are using it both to themselves and others.

By seeking hypnotherapy to help ease you off of cocaine you will learn to create new habits to empower you and increase your self belief, enabling you to find the structure and resources that will ultimately ease you off of the desire to get a euphoric dopamine reward from the brain.

By finding a new passion and purpose and moving towards new goals you will find that the decision-making and control area of the brain will start to improve almost immediately.

coacine addiction hypnosis

Social Media Addiction

Hawi and Samaha (2016) did a study around the use of social media addiction and how it impacted self -esteem and Life Satisfaction.

They found that the addictive use of social media had a negative association on self-esteem and the less that social media was used equaled having a positive association with life satisfaction.

Other studies have found that what really causes the addiction to social media is what has become known as “FOMO” or the fear of missing out.

Hypnotherapy will help if you are experiencing a depressed state, or low self esteem which has been caused by over attachment to your phone or social media. You can create new positive routines and help you overcome your addiction to getting short dopamine bursts from “comments” or “likes” by helping you overcome any fears about missing out.

Smoking Addiction

I have helped 1000s of smokers to quit smoking cigarettes and ease off of the nicotine with comfort and ease helping them to become non- smokers.

I have a great program that is designed from my expertise of knowing what works and what doesn’t. I will help you to like not smoking.

Please find out more here to help you to breathe freely again.

Vaping Addicition

Many smokers have come off of the cigarettes only to swap their addiction for another and that is they are now vaping nicotine.

It is the nicotine that is the addictive substance not the cigarettes. By vaping your brain and body have become accustomed to getting nicotine and the more you have the more you want it.

When you withdraw from vaping the nicotine level in your bloodstream drops down and this can cause a tremendous urge to want to vape to top of the level. This is addiction to nicotine. If you start to feel anxious when you don’t have it or begin to feel irritable if you can’t get it or have it you may need help from hypnotherapy.

You may also experience symptoms such as increased sweating, feeling sad or down, anxious, tired or groggy.

You may find you are unable to focus without having a vape. More and more teenagers are vaping and have feelings that they have lost control. Hypnotherapy can help to relieve these symptoms so you can get your focus and energy back.

You may be a parent who would like help with your teenager. I have helped many young people come off of vaping nicotine. I can assure you I am completely confidential and abide by a strong code of ethics both as a coach with the ICF and a hypnotherapist with the ASCH. Please feel free to have a consultation with me to discuss the treatment for either you or your teenager.

Gambling Addiction

Australia has a history of gambling. At least 80 percent of young people have gambled at some point. At first it may seem like a fun thing to do but overtime as it becomes an ingrained habit loop and then an addiction it can begin to negatively affect your life emotionally and financially.

It isn’t easy to seek help around this issue. You could find yourself lying to loved ones always thinking that your next win is around the corner to solve all of your debt issues. If your thoughts are always thinking about when is the next time I can gamble and this could be on the horses, sport or the pokies and you are spending much more time than you used to doing it then you may need therapy.

Perhaps you are finding that if you are sad or anxious you are using the gambling as a way of coping with these negative feelings. Or you are constantly seeking that rush from a win. Maybe you are borrowing money from loved ones more and more or you find yourself irritable from withdrawal and are now realising the negative effect that it may be having on your family or relationships.

Other negative emotions you may be experiencing are guilt, shame or feeling lonely and perhaps this is leading you into other behavioural problems like drinking or smoking.

It is time to reclaim your life back and be free from this unwanted addiction. Hypnotherapy will enable you to take back the control over your mental health and well being, allowing you to release old patterns and negative emotions that have led to these helpless feelings.

gambling addiction hypnosis

Shopping Addiction

Are you someone who compulsively shops and you experience having no control over your behaviour? There are different types of shopaholics. Are you someone who shops to make yourself feel better when you are emotionally upset? Are you an obsessive bargain hunter that cannot resist a bargain and will buy something because it is on special? Are you always on the look out for the perfect item, or drawn to spending more and more on luxury goods? You may even be a shopper who is addicted to buying and returning the goods. Or perhaps you are a collector that needs one item in every single colour or shade!

This is based on the same premise that your mind has become addicted to the endorphine or dopamine release it gets from purchasing or the act of shopping. Studies have shown that around 15 percent of the population experiences this addiction so you are not alone.

If you find you have been lying to a loved one about your habit or losing control in your behaviour or are experiencing extreme feelings of guilt or you are becoming depressed by being caught in this cycle then hypnotherapy can help you make the changes you desire.

What People are Saying

Thank you for showing me how to get new routines into my life. I am feeling strong and positive – it is not as scary as I thought it would be.

Janet W

I wholeheartedly recommend Julie. I know that I can make this change and I have the way to make it now as well.

Stuart M

I thought I could never stop the cycle of drinking, I’m not sure how but I just know that I will never rely on alcohol again. Thank you Julie

W Tyrone

I am finding new things all the time that I had forgot I loved. I am so free now to do what I want and stop wasting time.

Natalie D

How Much Does Hypnosis for Addictions Cost?



3 Session Package Price $588

Sydney CBD Location
2 x Mp3s



3 Session Package Price $540

2 x Mp3s

3 x 1 Hour Sessions

Sydney CBD and Virtually Australia Wide


Hypnotherapy and NLP

Conquer Addiction

Feel empowered and
in control of your life

Quick FAQs

Hypnotherapy is an individual therapy and the number of sessions required does vary between individuals.

I recommend a minimum of three sessions. Hypnotherapy is not a long term treatment and usually most issues can be resolved on average in three to seven sessions. In some cases people will require extra sessions or booster sessions if there are other issues involved. Your individual needs become known once the treatment commences.

Yes I am a health fund approved clinical hypnotherapist. Some health funds will give you rebates for hypnotherapy sessions. Please check with your provider.

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