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Effective, Quick, Lasting: Clinical Hypnotherapy with Julie Rice

Hello, I’m Julie Rice, a Sydney hypnotherapist. I specialise in hypnosis and NLP that empowers people to stop smoking, lose weight, get over public speaking fear, beat anxiety and gain confidence.

I can also facilitate change for many other issues including fear of flying, insomnia, fears and phobias, social anxiety, anger management and relationship issues.

Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective in creating positive and lasting change. Since establishing my hypnotherapy clinic in Sydney CBD in 2005 I have helped hundreds of people to achieve their goals. You can achieve dramatic changes in your life as well.

Make your dreams a reality with Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching.

How Can I Help You?

The 4 most important factors when choosing the best hypnotherapist in Sydney for you

When it comes to deciding on a practitioner of hypnotherapy, Sydney has many of the best and qualified clinical hypnotherapists, consider the following 4 factors when deciding on the right therapist for you:

1 Experience. This is an important consideration when choosing a therapist. My track record and long standing Hypnotherapy Clinic in Sydney CBD showcase both my passion and commitment to Hypnotherapy. I use proven techniques, developed by helping hundreds of people change their lives.

2Completeness. Many of life’s issues and problems are linked together. Discover and address the root cause of your issues - combine Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching to achieve remarkable results.

3Trusted. As a Health Fund Approved Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and ICF Professional Certified Coach, you can expect the highest levels of professionalism, ethics and confidentiality.

4Comprehensive. My hypnosis programs combine personalised hypnotherapy & counselling and NLP Coaching, eBooks and powerful mind reprogramming mp3s, I believe everyone is unique and my hypnosis programs are tailored to fit to your specific needs. Don't just take my word for it see testimonials below.

Professional Memberships
Professional Clinical Member Australian Board of NLP
Professional Clinical Member Australian Board of NLP
Professional Clinical Member Australian Board of NLP
Professional Clinical Member Australian Board of NLP

You Want Change, Choose Me As Your Sydney Hypnotherapist and Get Results

Use hypnosis to unlock your true potential and lead an empowered life, where you are in control and are making the right decisions. Hypnotherapy will help you to discover wonderful things about yourself.

I know what works. My extensive experience has been distilled into the development of my unique hypnotherapy programs: Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Public Speaking, Beat Anxiety, Fears & Phobias and Confidence & Self Esteem.

These programs combine personalised hypnotherapy and counselling, NLP Coaching, eBooks and powerful mind reprogramming mp3s - providing you with all of the tools you will need to truly succeed.

I also use science-backed NLP Coaching techniques derived from our growing knowledge of neuroscience in my Intensive NLP Coaching Breakthrough Programs. Three hours 1:1 with me where we really dig deep into the subconscious and create the awareness and breakthrough changes to take you to the next level.

The NLP Coaching Breakthrough Intensive programs are available to help you get over public speaking fear, create confidence and self esteem and provide weight loss motivation.

I Can Help You with Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching

Hypnotherapy is a technique that uses your hypnotic state to unlock memories, dreams and visions allowing you to connect more deeply with yourself.

You can break through your own belief systems, freeing yourself of anxiety and stress, healing yourself, overcoming addictions, or realising why you have always behaved in a certain way.

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