The Hypnobirthing Technique

Learn How to feel calm, positive and in control with hypnosis for childbirth

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Prepare yourself with the knowledge, confidence and tools to make the most of a natural approach to childbirth and feel calm and in control and make your birthing a more positive birth experience that is memorable for the right reasons

Australia’s Premier Hypnobirthing Childbirth Education Program

Giving birth should be a positive experience because it is the most wondrous and significant event in our lives. The Hypnotic Birthing program leaves you prepared for all eventualities through its promotion of positive birthing.

The program is designed to have parents accommodate all birthing experiences both natural and caesarean.

You can make birthing your child a positive and empowering experience through a fearless and calm approach supplemented with knowledge, resources, support and the right tools.

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Direct the course of your own natural birth experience with Hypnobirthing techniques

As the name suggests the program taps into the hypnotic state and uses hypnotherapy to release and remove any fears or anxieties you have around the birth and program your mind to release endorphin hormones during birth.

The aim is to put you in control, where you will be in a positive and relaxed mind state. You will not have the out of control feelings reduce anxiety that can accompany so many births.

A natural byproduct of the powerful positive mindset that you will possess is the greatly reduced possibility of needing any form or method of medical intervention during your birthing process.

Create a Calm Mindset

Re-programming the subconscious

Visualisations for pregnancy & birth

hypnosis for a positive birth

Mind/body connection

The language for empowered birthing

Instant relaxation techniques

Create a Calm Mindset

Mind/body connection

Re-programming the subconscious

The language for empowered birthing

Visualisations for pregnancy & birth

Instant relaxation techniques

Empower your Birth: Get the Knowledge & Tools You Need for a Positive Birth

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Hypnobirthing = A Positive birth

Humans have been giving birth since the start of our times, of course we couldn’t be here otherwise… so why has woman giving birth become something to be fearful or anxious of?

We are blessed to live in modern times, with the latest, advanced technology on hand to aid us in giving birth safely. However, an over reliance and medical expectation of using modern medical interventions or anesthesia has caused us to’ forget’ our ancient wisdom that our ancestral mothers and sisters possessed.

The Hypnotic Health Hypnobirthing program is a combination of this ancient wisdom melded with modern cutting edge theory and techniques. The core of the program is to prepare you for a calm, natural birth and for the experience to be joyous as it should be even in the unlikely event that you do need to deal with any special circumstances.

Hypnobirthing to help Reduce Fear

When you have good support, have knowledge and have cutting edge mind and body tools to relax and use during your birth you are less likely to experience complications. The unique aspect of the Hypnotic Health Hypnobirthing Program is that if special circumstances do arise, you will be calm and have a feeling of control throughout.

Mothers-to-be across Australia are being recommended more and more by midwives and Obstetricians to join hypnobirthing classes. Why? Because they prefer women to have an easier birth too!

What People are Saying

I took a hypnobirthing classes before my first child was born and I’m so glad I did! It helped me stay calm during labor which made it much easier.

My husband took the last online hypnobirthing class with me before our daughter was born and it really helped us both feel prepared for her arrival.

had a great experience with my hypnobirth! I felt in control throughout my entire labor thanks to the breathing techniques I learned in class

I can’t believe I went from nervous to excited joy in 3 hours. Thanks so much Julie I feel so ready for this!

A Positive Birth Program: Stay Calm with Hypnobirthing

Hi I’m Julie Rice founder of the Hypnotic Health Hypnobirthing Program. I am a mother who used the hypnobirthing techniques myself for two very different births.

I was of course very excited way back in 2006 when I discovered I was pregnant with my first child. Being a registered clinical hypnotherapist, naturally I knew of hypnobirthing so I joined a local hypnobirthing class which was great… at first.

Making Hypnobirthing Work

As my pregnancy progressed it became apparent that my stubborn baby son (funny how that trait has developed!) was not going to turn to the correct position for natural childbirth and I would need a caesarean.

I found that the traditional hypnobirthing method and class I was enrolled with made no allowances at all for caesarean births – how to be calm, accept the situation and visualize and look forward to positive caesarean birth.

I decided then that I would develop my own childbirth classes that would take the hypnobirthing techniques to the next level, where all mothers-to-be are to feel prepared and calm and in control whether the birth was natural OR caesarean.

Second Hypnobirthing Experience

My second birth was natural and I used self-hypnosis and everything else I had put into developing my own brand of hypnotic birthing into creating the perfect birth experience for myself, my birth partner and of course my little one.

I didn’t need to use pain relief and I had a short (3 hour labour) My daughter was born at 6am and I was at home with my new born daughter at 12 noon the very same day!

I can teach you the very same techniques of self hypnosis that I used and you don’t need to train for years as a hypnotherapist to use them!

Julie Rice Hypnotherapist

Julie Rice
Master NLP Practitioner
ICF Credentialed Coach

Accreditations and Professional Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapist Council of Australia

Why Hypnobirthing Works

Hypnobirthing offers numerous benefits for pregnant women. It helps reduce fear and anxiety during labor, allowing mothers to remain calm and relaxed throughout the process. This can help make labor more comfortable and provide a better overall experience for both mother and baby. Additionally, hypnobirthing teaches breathing techniques that can be used during labor to help manage pain naturally without medication.

Premium Hypnotherapy

Premium childbirth preparation techniques such as visualisation exercises which can be used before labor to create a calm state that helps to reduce fear and anxiety about giving birth.

Breathing techniques and positive affirmations

You learn in class to manage pain naturally during labor and to lessen stress and promote self-confidence in your ability to give birth naturally and comfortably

Positive Birth Resources

There are also massage techniques, relaxation techniques, and more  tools can help mothers prepare mentally and physically for their birth experience.

How much does hypnosis for a positive childbirth cost?

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2 x Mp3s

3 Session Package

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3 Session Package Price $615

Sydney CBD

2 x Mp3s

3 x 1 Hour Sessions

Sydney CBD and Virtually Australia Wide


Program and Materials

Feel Great

Change the Way
You Think and Feel

Quick FAQs

Hypnobirthing is a structured program where you learn over three one hour sessions and also have a comprehensive resources to learn and practise at home. You may need more than three sessions depending on goals and history.

No – there are no known risks associated with using hypobrithing methods during pregnancy or labour & delivery. In fact, many women report feeling happy, calm & relaxed!

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