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Do you want to be able to influence customers, colleagues and business partners to get the outcomes you want while valuing and respecting people?

personal impact coaching

Increase your self-confidence and improve the quality of your communications

Personal Impact Coaching for Developing Your Authentic and Compelling Personal Style

Do you want to present your ideas in a more confident and compelling way? Do you need to persuade difficult people and handle sensitive situations effectively?

Personal Impact Coaching is about increasing self-confidence and improving the quality of your communications.

By understanding your own personal communication style, you can gain insight into how others perceive your behaviour.

This allows you to identify weak areas and understand the self-imposed limiting behaviours that are holding you back.

  • develop and maximize your presence

  • Positively influence and engage others

  • Communicate with confidence and concern

  • Be persuasive not ‘pushy’

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How Does Personal Impact Coaching Work?

Hi, I am Julie Rice, founder of Hypnotic Health.

When you find and develop your authentic and compelling personal style you can create likeability and respect rather than display behaviours that may be seen as abrasive by others.

The key to creating partnerships in your relationships is competence and likeability, you can mould your personal power and the perception of others which in turn enables influence of agendas and decisions.

As a Master NLP practioner and Coach I use the powerful modern psychology of NLP to help you become more aware of the non-verbal signals of others so you can adapt your style and messaging to make fulfilling partnerships.

The Personal Impact Coaching Program consists of 3 hours of NLP Coaching. This 1:1 program is designed to help you make authentic connections while being true to your values and respecting others.

By maximising your personal and professional presence, discovering the art of positive influence and confidently communicating – you set the scene for fulfilling and meaningful interactions and relationships with others.

Presenting without fear and handling questions with confidence

Making positive first impressions to set the tone for a successful relationship

Learning persuasive and engaging speaking techniques

Building rapport while communicating credibility

Julie Rice Hypnotherapist

Julie Rice
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Master NLP Practitioner
ICF Credentialed Coach

Accreditations and Professional Memberships

Hypnotherapist Council of Australia

What People are Saying

I felt much more confident than before. I was able to break the ice very quickly and move on.

How Much Does Personal Impact Coaching Cost?

Single Session

Hypnotherapy in Sydney CBD


Rate per Session

Sydney CBD

2 x Mp3s

3 Session Package

Hypnotherapy Online


3 Session Package Price $615

Sydney CBD

2 x Mp3s

3 x 1 Hour Sessions

Sydney CBD and Virtually Australia Wide


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