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You’ve tried losing weight, you want to lose weight – It’s as if your body is trying to stop you. Each approach you try just leads to your body fighting back with intense cravings that are impossible to fight.

Every passing year leads to more weight gain and health decline, you know it is time to change this cycle. But how?

There is a solution, one you are open to, one that doesn’t require an extreme fad diet or ‘biggest-loser’ amounts of exercise.

I know you are committed to your goal, to finding a permanent solution. You & I both know that diets do not work.

Stop treating the symptom

People nearly always put back on the weight they have lost and then maybe even a little bit more.

Dieting puts your body into starvation mode. Your biochemistry and hormones alter and your body desperately tries to store fat. You begin to crave food uncontrollably.

And the more you diet, the better you get at storing fat, and then losing weight becomes harder and harder.

This biological set up was excellent for our ancient ancestors, who lived from meal-to-meal. Not good for a weight loss plan that relies on over-restriction of calories.

Dieting runs counter to our biological make up. Overeating is a symptom of your underlying root cause issue – not the problem itself that is leading to weight issues.

Now 6 months since my hypnotherapy for weight loss. I have lost kilos but more importantly I now am in the healthy BMI range. Your therapies helped me to eliminate my guilty pleasure.... Chocolate and I now make healthier choices daily.... So grateful and I wish I had done this years ago! Clare S

Restore your mind-body balance

Once you address the root-cause of your reason for overeating or lack of motivation you can start to make the changes you want in your life. In other words, your emotional and biological balance can be restored.

There is no extreme dieting or painful exercise regimes needed to do this – they are not necessary when you address the underlying cause rather than the symptom. This is the way that you can start making weight loss something you enjoy doing.

I have learned over the years that many people are missing out on being healthy and happy not because they don’t want to be. But because they don’t know how to be.

Complete 4 Week Weight Loss Program

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Hi - I'm Julie Rice Personal Transformational Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist - 12 years’ experience of helping people breakthrough their limiting beliefs, change their mindset and addressing the root causes of overeating are distilled into my one-of-a-kind Weight Loss Coaching Program.

Breakthrough step-by-step with a personal transformational expert

People benefit most from being led step-by-step by a personal transformational expert, a weight loss coach. Someone who not only knows what you are going through but also can help you to make real and lasting changes and finish the on-going story of weight loss in your life once and for all.

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This is more than a complete weight loss program

This is NOT a diet or an exercise program and it’s definitely not about will power or being guilty anymore.

The program is transformational, the goal is to create a lifestyle change that is simple yet effective.

This is how permanent weight loss is achieved.

Working with 100s of people over the past 10 years means that I know exactly what you need to do to be successful. I will work 1:1 with you to find the underlying cause of your weight loss issue.

Using cutting edge Neuroscience, NLP coaching techniques and hypnosis we will discover your root cause and implement perfectly simple solutions to get you in control, making the right choices, eating the right amounts.

Together we can reverse the problem – for good.

Make weight loss enjoyable

The program is designed to be high impact and change the way you think and feel. Absorb yourself in a new way of thinking and doing. You will begin a positive knock on effect of health, weight loss and confidence.

Solve your weight loss issue at the source and stop trying to treat the symptom.

Leave the weight behind

There is no magic cure for weight loss. My NLP coaching weight loss program is high impact and designed to change the way you think and feel and it can be personally challenging.

If you to come with an open mind and are willing to go with the process, then this is the right program for you.

The techniques employed are cutting edge - they are exactly what you need to get to the root cause and make the changes you need.

If you are interested, please register now.

I look forward to helping you leave the weight behind.

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