Five Reasons to Never Give Up on Giving Up Smoking

You know that by resuming smoking you face increased risk of death from Lung Cancer, Emphysema, Stroke… blah blah blah– this isn’t exactly Earth shattering news.

You have learned to ignore and gloss over the realities of smoking; even looking at packets with horrific images of death and disease doesn’t seem to bother you. You have learned to avoid the reality of the damage you have been inflicting in your body so as not to change your ‘enjoyment’ of smoking into a stressful and fearful experience.


You have the secret hope that you will somehow be spared the death and painful disease that comes with the nicotine addiction. ‘I’ll quit in time’, ‘It won’t happen to me’, some how you will be the one that dodges the bullet. Consider your odds – 4 million people a year or one person every 8 seconds is dying from smoking diseases – your chances are slim of being spared death or debilitating disease.

Remove your denial and don’t give up on yourself – you deserve to be healthy and happy.

5 Health Reasons to Stop Smoking

1 Heart Disease Coronary heart disease is the number 1 type of death caused by smoking. The cigarette poisons cause hardening of the arteries.

2 Stroke is the second most common form of death in Australia – around 60,000 strokes happen annually and one in three die within a year of suffering a stroke

Are you going to have a stroke?

3 The fourth most common cancer in Australia is lung cancer and it is the number one cause of cancer death.

All About Lung Cancer

4 COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD or emphysema) is deadly. This long-term disease of the lungs causes shortness of breath and affects 13% of Australians half of whom don't even know they have it.

Do you have COPD?

5 Oral Cancer Smoking increases the chance of mouth cancer by 600 % and heavy alcohol consumption increases it even more.

Mouth cancer facts

Now is the time

If you're thinking about stopping or giving up on your quitting smoking journey, first learn what you risk when you light up every day. Don’t be frightened to look at the reality and keep making the positive changes in your life that you have already started. Smoking is not your friend it is a death trap.

If you have faltered or stumbled don’t worry, get back on track with the Hypnotic Health Stop Smoking Program mp3s listen to each of them once every day. Don’t be afraid to contact me to help stop smoking.