Six Common False Beliefs and how to reframe them

The nicotine is leaving your system from the last cigarette you smoked . Most of you have managed to stop smoking for hours at a time. Every night you stop smoking for at least seven to eight hours. Many smokers manage to go on long plane journeys and easily reprogram their minds that during that time they can’t have a cigarette so they don’t have one. When you are ill or sick or in hospital you can often stop smoking for days.

In fact most of the time as a smoker you are not smoking. If you have a 15 a day habit and each cigarette is taking on average 5 minutes to smoke. You actually only spend around an hour and a quarter smoking out of your whole day. Once you begin to see how little you are smoking it becomes easier to eliminate the habit for good.

Most of the time you are just thinking about having one and so most of your day as a smoker is thinking about the next time you can have one, which is only to alleviate the symptom of wanting one and so you are never able to fully relax in the present. This is being a slave to the addiction.

Most smokers convince themselves of the following reasons why they keep smoking:

1) I am stressed so smoking relaxes me

Actually smoking causes you to feel more stressed. Yes, there may be initial feelings of stress or anger, which some people refer to as cravings when you are coming off of cigarettes. I prefer to think of the feeling of anxiety as the nicotine crying out in its final death throes as it is dying and leaving your body for good. I will help you through the hypnosis to really enjoy the feeling of taking back control- these are good and important feelings to experience.

Many smokers have built these up in their mind to think they will never be able to fight these feelings when in actual fact they are very mild and may only be experienced on average maybe six times in a day. There are many distraction techniques in my Hypnotic Health Stop Smoking Guaranteed EBook which will help you to forget about any uncomfortable feelings altogether. It is not like coming off of Heroin. It is very mild and quite manageable. You will be free of stress in a few weeks and so calm and confident and able to cope much better with anything that is thrown your way.

2) Smoking helps me to concentrate

There is a mild period of readjustment as the brain function goes back to normal and at first it may seem like you will never be able to concentrate again but very quickly your mind will have readjusted and you will be able to concentrate for much longer periods without having the encumbrance of having to go out and have a cigarette. Your brain will in fact be able to concentrate much better once you are a non –smoker.

3) I’ve already cut down to a safe level so I don’t need to stop completely

Its great to smoke less but there is really no safe level of smoking. Each cigarette has 7000 different chemical compounds that are being ingested every time you smoke. 250 of these are chemical toxins and 70 of them cause cancer. No matter how many you smoke you are increasing your chance of death with every one.

4) I don’t have any willpower

I will help you with this. Hypnosis will give you incredible willpower and motivation to stay on the right road. Reframing this to yes I can do this and I do have the willpower to stop will mean you are half way there. Over 3 million Americans stopped smoking last year and there are now far more ex smokers in the world than smokers. You can do this and it really is just about stepping up and finding the confidence to begin your new journey.

5) I won’t know what to do with my hands

I have heard this one a lot from smokers. Yes it will feel a little strange at first but as time goes by smoking will feel more and more alien and when you watch others smoking it will seem like a very odd thing to do -to lift one to your mouth continually inhaling all that thick smoke and black tar into your lungs.

You will be rewarded with wonderful clean smelling fingers and instead you could take up a new skill. There are many other hobbies or interests you could do instead. Some examples are going for a walk, calling a friend, planting some flowers, doing a crossword puzzle, giving yourself a manicure or a pedicure, knitting, breathing deeply, going to the gym, swigging down some ice cold water, doing some yoga.

6) Maybe I could just have one cigarette

Always remember you are a SMOKEAHOLIC and just one cigarette with a drink or in any circumstance will always lead you down that rocky death road again.

You could take the approach of remembering all the reasons why you gave up in the first place. Write some of these things down like: Why did you stop? How long did you smoke for? How long have you been smoke free now? How long before I am completely free of these feelings? What benefits will having a cigarette have? Is it worth giving up again, when I have come this far?

Be patient with yourself. In the end it is so easy. I should know because I used to smoke a lot and now I am ten years away from this old habit and feeling more wonderful each year. It is easy and I never ever think of a cigarette now in any situation I have retrained my mind to be smoke free and to remain smoke free knowing that I am a SMOKEAHOLIC and when you actually do have a cigarette how much do you think you will enjoy it?

You won’t because your mind and body have already adjusted in a very short time to being smoke free.

Remember that first cigarette that you had and how sick and dizzy it made you feel as the poisons first hit your body and that is exactly what it will be like again- the disgusting taste and the nausea. You would have to retrain your mind to like them again so what would be the point?