Will I still get cravings after I’ve been hypnotised?

There are two types of Craving

There is the physical craving of withdrawal and there is the psychological craving of association. For example- I used to have a cigarette when I drove the car so I associate it with driving and so I am now driving my car and because of this I am thinking about smoking a cigarette.

Physical Craving

This can represent itself in many different ways to smokers. Some describe it as a constriction in the chest, throat or belly, other people say it is in their mind or they feel restless and don’t know what to do with themselves. Quite often it is accompanied by a mild feeling of tension or anxiety.

The main thing to be aware of is that your body is going through a transition to being a non- smoker. It is a process and as long as you have the strength in your mind and the commitment to wanting to be a non -smoker you will easily be able to get through any uncomfortable feelings during transition and this is something that hypnosis will help you to do.

Any craving can be timed on your watch and at the most any anxiety you feel will have subsided after 5 minutes. This is equal to the time you used to smoke a cigarette. In its place is that temporary empty feeling as the nicotine is leaving your blood levels and the brain is adjusting back to normal. Usually with the right diet and by getting lots of sleep and helping yourself by detoxing your body in just two to three days any uncomfortable feelings will have passed and you will be feeling so much better.

It is a mild withdrawal that is easily overcome. Most of the big nicotine replacement companies want you to think it is extremely hard to come off so they can sell you their product keeping you hooked on the nicotine and the body in a constant state of withdrawal.

Psychological Craving

These are different and can often be triggered by other addictive behaviors like drinking alcohol or having a caffeine fix. You will be able to do these things again without smoking but when you are first carrying out these activities there will be those old mental triggers such as- “I really used to enjoy a smoke with a drink”.

It is very important to keep shifting your thought patterns and environment. If you always went to the same pub and sat in the same chair go to a new one and sit in a non-smoking area.

If you smoked at home rearrange your furniture and house and buy yourself new clothes so you can smell nice and clean and fresh and get new associations. Always replace any negative thought patterns with positive ones. You can do this and I am here to support you.

When your blood sugar levels are low it is often another time when you might think about having a cigarette- recognize what the trigger is I have written another piece explaining what the main triggers are and how to recognize them.

It may be that all you need is a cold glass of water or some carrot or celery sticks or maybe you just need to go outside and walk to clear your head. The trigger is no longer a physical craving it is just a thought and these thoughts can be changed easily and effortlessly in just 3 to 10 seconds. Soon the wonderful benefits that you will begin to experience as a non smoker will far out weigh the reasons you used to have to smoke and you will begin to feel healthy and energetic with much more time, space and money.

Take one day at a time and congratulate yourself every day, treat yourself once a week with all the money you have saved from not smoking to something special for you like a massage or a new piece of clothing. You will very soon begin to feel wonderful feelings of achievement and well-being.