Nine Things That Surprised Me When I stopped Smoking

Here are nine of the most surprising benefits which I found when I stopped smoking:

1. My chronic cough Stopped: We are all aware of the smokers cough – you know the constant companion the little tickly one in the afternoon or the big one in the morning. Once you stop you realise how persistent and annoying it was, you don’t have to be in a meeting trying not to cough at the important bit anymore, you can just relax and be you!

2. The smell: You really don’t realise how bad it smells until you stop, as your sense of smell returns you can really stink it just by being around smokers, the smell of their clothes, their house, their car, their everything! I once got in an empty lift and it absolutely reeked of cigarettes, not because someone smoked in there, but because a smoker had been in there!

3. no more cleaning up cigarette ends: Your house won’t be filled with cigarette butts. Not having to spend your time constantly clearing up reminders of your self-abuse is really great!

4. The extra cash - You know how much it is costing you right? Let’s conservatively estimate it is $150 per week or $7,800 per year, which is $156K over the next twenty years – and lets assume that the price of cigarettes will continue to increase you will probably save up to $300K over the next 20 years!

5. Massive increase in productivity: We all need a break now and then from work, but how much are you really taking? Three cigarette breaks a day each lasting 10 minutes waste 30 minutes a day – that’s an extra 2.5 hours a week gained from not smoking. I wonder how I ever had time to smoke!

6. Food just tastes better: one of the great quality of life improvements is being able to taste your food again. You will find that extra enjoyment of a simple pleasure of life again.

7. The Non-smoking section or the non-smoking section? It is preposterous to think that we used to smoke on airplanes, in trains and on buses. These days there are hardly any public places to smoke anymore including the pub! By not smoking you are not limiting yourself socially anymore by worrying about where and when are you going to be able to smoke next.

8. How you look: Lets face it, you can tell by looking at somebody whether they smoke or not, plus you will feel more confident when you talk to someone now that you don’t have to worry about your bad breath.

9. Bright yellow teeth: Yes, no mater how hard you brush and clean, if you smoke your teeth will be yellow. Now that you don’t smoke get your teeth whitened and keep them that way!