S.T.O.P. Smoking

Years of being dependent on cigarettes have led you to associate smoking with most things. You get stressed at work so you go out and have a cigarette, you feel happy at hearing some good news so you want to celebrate by lighting up a cigarette. You are tired so you feed yourself a cigarette to help you to stay awake. The list goes on and on, all these associations that you have made over the years have been convincing yourself that you need a cigarette.

You have a belief that you will never be able to function or enjoy life again without a cigarette. This is untrue - there are far more successful ex smokers in the world than there are people who are still smoking and this is because coming off of cigarettes is far easier than people can imagine.

It is a simple process of retraining the mind and remembering that most of our triggers can be tied back to four things:

  • S - Being Stressed
  • T - Feeling Tired
  • O - Being Overwhelmed
  • P - Feeling Piggish


As you are used to relieving the symptoms of feeling angry or stressed by having a cigarette it will seem strange at first to not be doing this.

The truth is you will feel a lot less stressed without cigarettes. You have been creating stress in your mind and body by inhaling poisons from the cigarettes into the blood stream. Twenty minutes after having a cigarette the body’s arteries are constricting and the heart valves are closing and the body has to work harder to pump the blood around the body creating a feeling of stress in the mind.

Once you stop smoking the body no longer has to do this and you will feel calmer in general. Any stresses or angers you have in your life will still be there whether you smoke or not and it is important for you to find other outlets for any angers you may have. Sometimes in the first few days as the body readjusts to smoking these angers may spill out – don’t be too hard on yourself and remember these feelings are temporary and transitory. Go for a run or a jog, do some boxercise or write how you feel in a journal.


Often when we are feeling tired we will think about going back into bad behaviors. Being tired can make us make bad choices. It is important in the early days of stopping smoking that you allow yourself to get plenty of rest and sleep as the body is going into transition to being smoke free and there is a big healing process occurring.

Blood pressure is returning to normal, the brain is finding its own natural rhythm and is getting used to not being under assault from feeling stressed and relieving stress.

The body is able to process vitamins again and there is a period of readjustment that can take up to two weeks.

In the beginning when your body and mind may feel more tired than normal it is important to realise and trust in the process. Sleep and rest and drink lots of water. Enjoy the healing process as you start this amazing journey of recovery to full health again.


Feeling overwhelmed like you are missing an old friend? The cigarette almost became like a little friend and companion. When you were lonely or bored you took one out of the packet and maybe it convinced you that he or she was keeping you company. The cigarette was a good friend for you to turn to in bad times as well as good, it almost had a little personality of it’s own.

You may experience a feeling of grief as you say goodbye to this constant companion. In actual fact the little friend was a very bad one who had attached itself to parts of you to make you feel like you couldn’t be without it.

Imagine it instead as a little nicotine parasite that you had ingested who was feeding off of you and slowly killing you as your lungs filled up with black tar. Always remind yourself that you are far better off without this companion that left yellow nicotine stains on your fingers, a bad stench behind it wherever you went. It was a bad relationship that had to be ended.

Whenever you are experiencing that sense of grief or loss remember these are very temporary feelings while you get used to being strong and alone and enjoying that sense of freedom that comes from splitting up with this terrible friend who was only jeopardizing your life and health.


Often you will have had a cigarette instead of eating a healthy and nutritious snack. You are no longer becoming full from the fat deposits left behind in your arteries from the cigarettes.

After stopping smoking all of your senses will become enlivened again. You will be able to smell the flowers, see the bright colours, and taste your food again. The body is going into huge readjustment and there is a temporary slowing down of the metabolism as the body readjusts and starts to be able to process vitamins again. It is important to have lots of vitamin C and B at this time and drink lots of cranberry juice- it is known to release the nicotine out of your blood levels much faster by acidifying the blood.

Refer back to the Hypnotic Stop Smoking Guaranteed Program ebook for more information about diet. There is absolutely no need for you to gain any weight when you stop smoking. It is important for you to balance your new life as a non smoker with some exercise and plenty of water and this will ensure you maintain a healthy weight and again do not succumb to this old trigger.

Remember S.T.O.P and you will understand why you have the urge to smoke and how now you have far more healthy ways to respond to these old triggers. Looking after yourself during the first few weeks is essential to making it as easy as possible for you to remain on your wonderful new journey.