Insomnia Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is very effective in curing insomnia. When the conscious mind is busy with emotional or stressful feelings you can have a hard time letting of your conscious preoccupation.

By resolving the issues that might be causing the insomnia and teaching you self hypnosis you will look forward to sleep again.

Hypnosis for Relationships

Having successful relationships is one of the most fulfilling experiences of life. Most relationship problems come from feelings of insecurity and low self esteem. Hypnosis can help you overcome past fears and behaviours.

Relationships can become everything you want them to be if you can simply change and improve your own self esteem. Break old patterns and enrich your life.

Grief Hypnotherapy

Overcoming the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things you will have to do in life. Allow yourself the space to grieve, to work through the sadness, the feelings of loss, abandonment, anger or regret.

There may be unresolved issues. Hypnosis will allow you to release these feelings, to accept and ultimately to rebuild your life equipped with the positive memories of your loved one always with you.

Hypnotherapy and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can seriously affect the quality of your life. Hypnosis is a form of anxiety release, a valuable tool to view your life in perspective. Find a comfortable peaceful place free of worry.

Anxiety hypnosis used with NLP, will find the root of the problem and address the source of the anxiety.

Habits and Disorders

Hypnosis for nail biting can really help you change your behaviour at an unconscious level and make the choice to stop chewing your nails a real one. Social blushing or the fear of blushing itself can affect your self esteem and confidence if left untreated.

Hypnosis can re program your response to be one of comfort so you will feel at ease in situations. I have also treated people for hair pulling-trichotillomania, teeth grinding and mouth and cheek biting.

Hypnosis for Learning

Hypnotherapy reinforces priorities and strengthens your focus. It promotes good study habits like time management and elimination of distractions. There are three types of memory when learning, sensory, motor skill and concept memory, it can help to separate these and allow you to address the broad concepts before narrowing in on the specifics.

Hypnotherapy for Anger

We all have different ways of releasing anger. When your reaction becomes destructive to yourself as well as others, then you need to come up with ways of addressing your emotions - anger management.

Hypnosis can remove the angry feelings and replace them with feelings of being calm and in control. After a few sessions you will find you are much more relaxed and satisfied about your life and have a much greater understanding of what triggers your anger and how to cope with it.

Hypnosis for Addiction

One of the most important uses of hypnosis is in overcoming addictions. Whatever the addiction is on a subconscious level that belief can be changed. In the place of addiction you will experience a strength you didn't know you had. Addictions I have worked with include:

Alcohol Facebook Gambling Cocaine Chocolate Marijuana Coffee Internet

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is a specific phobia, one of several kinds of anxiety disorder.

Replace anxious feelings with calm and positive thoughts of being in control. Conquer your fears and feel relaxed and happy about the experience.

Hypnosis for Sports Improvement

Through its unique ability to harness the power of the subconscious mind, hypnosis is able to assist the sports person in achieving amazing results.

The list of positive advantages that athletes gain from using hypnosis is long and varied. Maintain focus, remain calm under pressure, remove distractions, improve mental stamina and improve attitude and motivation.

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