NLP Coaching: Set Yourself Up for Long Term Success

Do You Need Something Extra to Deliver Results?

Imagine meeting your future self. Your future self has fulfilled all the dreams you have ever had and is living an abundant and optimal healthy life that is full of passion and purpose. What if you already knew exactly what you wanted to create in your life?

You can become more focused, motivated and efficient with NLP Coaching. Coaching is a powerful tool that successful people utilise to live their full potential.

The power of coaching is the way it helps you to develop your potential which naturally improves your performance in all life areas. Improving performance in areas such as decision making, communication and relationships, through setting better goals and reaching them more quickly.

You can reach success by creating a vision for your future as well as enabling yourself to access, with clarity and focus, the goals that will enable you to reach the future you envisage.

This is a unique one of a kind NLP Hypnosis Coaching experience. You can gain so much clarity around your issues - access fully and completely what is limiting your growth or holding you back and find out what it is that you want to bring in to your life and move very quickly towards it.

I wasn't sure what to expect... and it wasn't exactly what I expected... but It's the best thing I've ever done for myself. Thank you Julie

Sally Oakes, Confidence

Breakthrough Coaching Programs: A Whole New Level of Awareness and Change

Take advantage of the latest techniques from neuro science and nlp coaching to really dig deep into your subconscious and benefit from a whole new level of awareness and breakthrough change.

Powerful NLP Hypnosis techniques will move you towards an understanding of your unique map of the world - we will be able to create not only new pathways in your mind but be able to move around or through any major blocks or obstacles in your path.

Re-evaluate your values and you will find that your thought processes and the results that you will be able to manifest after the session will help you to be living in true alignment not only with your purpose but also with much more awareness of how to interact with others more positively.

Break Down the Barriers

Hi I’m Julie Rice Master NLP Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Over the past 10 years I have been helping people unleash their inner-power, to get the clarity, confidence and tools to achieve their goals.

Together we will break-down any barriers to success you are facing to allow you to reach new levels of achievement, satisfaction and life balance. We will creatively work together to bring about new goals that clearly define who you are.

I have found there to be three key areas that need to be aligned to enable people to live purposefully and fulfilled. Health, Wealth and Relationships. Which one should you be able to align your energy to? Where will you be in 5 years if you don’t?

Julie Rice founder of Hypnotic Health

Julie Rice

  • Master NLP Coach
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

Meet your core needs in the most resourceful way

Create a Powerful, Motivated & Confident State

My coaching programs are based on the fact that you have all of the capability to achieve what you want in life you just need the tools to make it happen.

Everything you do works for you on some level - you are not your behaviour - if you are in charge of your mind you will be in charge of your life.

I use a variety of different nlp, hypnosis and coaching techniques to facilitate change - creating new neural pathways that will help you to make choices in alignment with how you want to feel.

Create a powerful, motivated and confident state that will allow you to access the way that you want to be, to consistently get fantastic results, to live life how you want.

Realign Your Values & Be Motivated and Engaged

By using the latest neuro science findings we now know that the brain has a neuroplasticity and can be changed. We are in essence what we believe we can be.

Look at the areas in your life that are stopping you and holding you back and re-align your values and create new goals and targets. Hypnosis when combined with nlp coaching has long term permanent effects as we can access places in your mind that will stimulate and very quickly move you towards who you have always wanted to be.

Once you move away from fear and out of your comfort zone you are able to create a wonderful confident persona who is motivated and engaged.

Learn New Patterns & Remove Unwanted Feelings

Get inside the root causes of your issues and by the use of hypnosis and nlp coaching access the parts of the brain that have learned the incorrect responses to certain aspects of your life. Take control back over these situations and place courage in the place where fear once was.

You can anchor deep feelings of calm and teach the mind new responses and remove the unwanted feelings.

Imagine a world where you made all of the right decisions and choices because you took 100% ownership of your life.

Take 100% Ownership of Your Life

My unique NLP Hypnosis Intensive Coaching Program consists of 1 x 3 hours session 1:1 with me at my Macquarie St clinic and also include 2 powerful mind reprogrammning MP3s

NLP coaching sessions can be applied to all areas of life and can target: public speaking, confidence building and weight loss motivation all with profound effects and long lasting and positive change.

Discover How NLP Coaching Can Help You