Hypnosis for Fertility

You can improve your fertility naturally and increase your chances of conception

Isee many women who are worried about never getting pregnant, who ask themselves have I done everything I can? You can change your experience into a positive one. Imagine the joy when you conceive through factoring in the mind-body connection. Our mind and body are part of one system, by changing your thoughts and feelings you can make changes down to a cellular level that can impact your chances of getting pregnant.

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You may be inadvertently impacting on your chances of success, your unexplained infertility could be because of negative emotional patterns and stress & anxiety. The miracle of reproduction is of course one of our most delicately balanced biological systems.

Thoughts and feelings directly affect your body – ever wake up from a dream in cold sweat? Feel hot when embarrassed? Both are examples of the body and mind being one system.

Limiting beliefs, stress & anxiety impact upon your system too. Not only your day-today experience of the journey but also the actual ability to become pregnant whether that be naturally or with fertility treatment.

As a clinical hypnotherapist I already know about the power of mind-body connection and I will help you to harness that power yourself with fertility hypnotherapy. You can use your subconscious to create the changes you need – reducing anxiety, feeling confident, enjoying the journey – and make the mind-body changes to maximize your ability of getting pregnant.

The fertility hypnosis program supports both male and female fertility issues and can complement other fertility treatments such as IVF.

What an amazing experience. I am not sure how, why or what clicked but the bottom line is something changed within me. I feel more ready and able to tackle challenges rather than fear them. Thank you Julie

Fiona W.

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Hi – I'm Julie Rice founder of Hypnotic Health, over the past 14 years of clinical practice I’ve watched as the number of people coming to my clinic for fertility issues and the associated stress and anxiety that it is causing increase year on year.

I have also seen for myself the wonderful success stories and quick changes.

During 3 x 1 hour sessions I use clinical hypnotherapy, counselling and NLP to help you get to the root cause and make changes to the subconscious – restoring the mind body equilibrium.

You also receive 2 x mind reprogramming mp3s to continue the progress at home after our sessions are finished.

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Can change be this easy?

Yes it can. There is gain without pain and letting go of negative habits and limiting beliefs and improving your fertility naturally can be more easily done than you think.

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