Tailored Hypnotherapy that Makes Change Happen

Change your life – quickly, with hypnotherapy in Sydney CBD and from the comfort of your own home with Zoom and Skype hypnosis available online. Grow now with life-changing tailored hypnosis programs. And be guided by an expert hypnotherapist to a place of ultimate relaxation where you are free to change and succeed.

Hypnosis to Transform the Way You Think and Feel

You can make fast and meaningful change with practical, clearly structured and well-researched hypnosis programs. These next level treatments burst with evidence-based strategies that can help you make significant, positive changes in a relatively short time.

Underpinning the success of these unique hypnotic programs is a modern psychotherapeutic approach called Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy. It is a modality that focuses on what you want to achieve, ‘the solution’, not the issues that may have caused you to seek help in the first place.

Add to the mix the change psychology of NLP and the structured, goal-driven approach of coaching and you have the most comprehensive, breakthrough programs available to help you make the transformations you want to your life – today.

  • Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

  • Insightful NLP Tools and Techniques

  • Goal-centric Coaching Methodology

  • Expert change tools and mindset models that have the biggest positive impact

Feels Like Magic, Based on Science

Behavioural Psychology and Neuroscience Evidence Base


Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy


Coaching Models and NLP Tools

When you decide to leap into your future with Hypnotic Health you will be empowered to make meaningful change a reality in your life

Evidence based, Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy, Coaching and NLP to overcome any limitations

Use the knowledge of how our brains develop patterns of behaviour to help yourself make real change happen

Comprehensive structured results focused programs that give you the education and tools to move forwards – quickly

Change Made Simple

choose your hypnosis program

1. Choose the Areas You Want Success In

The first step to making the changes you want is to choose the area you want to work with. Hypnotic Health provides tailored hypnotherapy that is individual to each person’s needs.

Stress & Anxiety

Weight Loss & Eating

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Habits & Addictions

Private hypnotherapy session

2. Private 1:1 Sessions

You make powerful changes possible when you work one-on-one with a qualified and best hypnotherapist for you. Have your personal issues addressed by a professional in Sydney CBD or online in a secure virtual session conducted on Zoom or Skype.

Individual Attention

Qualified Professional Hypnotherapist

Personalised for Fast Results


3. Connect to Your Resources

After three sessions of hypnotherapy you receive 2 x selected mp3s to continue your progress with self hypnosis.

Digital Resources

Evidence Based Change Strategies

Powerful Hypnosis mp3s