About Julie Rice

Creating positive lasting change in people's lives is my passion - I've helped hundreds of people realise their goals and I can help you too

I'm Julie Rice founder of Hypnotic Health - I am passionate about hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching and the positive change that it brings to people's lives. I have been practicing as a clinical hypnotherapist in Sydney's CBD since 2005.

I have spent the years since 2003, when I initially gained certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy in the UK, continuously developing my skill set and learning my craft on a very deep level. I have been fortunate to train with some of the greats in the Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching worlds.

I am a Health Fund Approved Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists, the Australian Hypnotherapists Association a Master NLP Practitioner with Clinical Professional Membership of the Australian Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I am also a qualified professional life coach with a Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation. I actively promote Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching and abide by and uphold the values and ethics of the ASCH, AHA, ABNLP and ICF.

This continuous training and development along with over 14 years of clinical practice experience has been distilled into the design of my hypnotherapy and NLP coaching programs. All of my hypnotherapy programs combine personalised hypnotherapy, counselling, NLP coaching, ebooks and powerful mind reprogramming mp3s. This unique combination ensures successful outcomes.

The hypnotherapy programs are generally 3 x 1 hour format, some programs are also available in a 1 x 3 hour format.

I also have a passion for helping people create change through Life Coaching. I offer bespoke coaching programs that combine evidence based coaching and nlp change psychology through Hypnotic Health's sister company, QURE Life Coaching.

I look forward to helping you create positive lasting change.

Professional Clinical Member Australian Board of NLP
Professional Clinical Member Australian Board of NLP
Professional Clinical Member Australian Board of NLP
Professional Clinical Member Australian Board of NLP

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Quick FAQs

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a profoundly relaxed state similar to the feeling of drifting into sleep. You will still be aware and relaxed throughout the session as you reorganise your thoughts, behaviours and beliefs in a more positive way.
What is Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy helps to treat problems by accessing your subconscious mind, where you store all of your emotions and behaviour patterns. As a treatment it allows you to transform very rapidly in order to create positive and lasting change
What is NLP?
Neuro Linguistic Programming is an attitude, an approach to life, a way of modelling your subjective experiences to a desired outcome. NLP studies the exception, exploring empowering beliefs. It is essentially how you communicate effectively, both with yourself and with other people.
What is Generative Coaching?
Coaching is the unlocking of a person’s potential to maximise their performance through learning rather than teaching. It is a collaborative and solution focused and result-orientated process whereby the coach facilitates the enhancements in the clients life. Whether these be work performance, life experience, self-directed learning or personal growth needs of the client
How much does Hypnotherapy cost?

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Case Studies

Jackie* was on a kidney dialysis machine and had been spending at least seven hours at the machine three times a week where she ate out of boredom. She was clinically obese and had to be a certain weight before she could join the kidney transplant waiting list. When she came to me she had very low self esteem. She felt that she was trapped in a terrible cycle. She was thirty years old and lived at home with her obese parents. I saw Jackie six times and she lost about five kilos. She started to go for an hour long walk every morning and was fully motivated to fulfil her dream of travelling out of Australia on a plane and visiting Florida. She came back to me 6 months later for a session and she had met the weight requirement to go on the list for a kidney transplant. Her whole attitude and approach to life had changed. She came back to reconnect with the wonderful vision she had of herself in the future and because she wanted to move out and get a studio where she could enjoy her new diet and be independent. She looked like a new person, she had taken more care in her appearance. Even the way she walked and held herself were far more confident than when I had seen her six months before. Most importantly she had stopped eating junk food and had replaced this with healthy nutritious snacks while on the machine.
Annie* had two small children under four. She had been through a post natal depression with her second child who was now two. She was overeating at home. Previously she had been a career woman who worked for a big investment Bank. She wanted to return to work and get back to her pre-pregnancy weight. As our sessions went on and she became more motivated, rejoining her old gym and fitting back into her old clothes, it also became clear that she didn't want to return to her previous corporate life. She had a fantastic idea for a new business venture, she just needed the confidence and self esteem to put this vision into practise. This was also linked into her emotional eating issues. After four sessions with me she was looking fantastic and had decided to set up her new venture instead of returning to her old role at the bank.
Steve* came to me for weight control, he couldn't stop going back for that second portion. After his relationship had broken up six months before he had been sitting at home alone eating bars of chocolate. He really wanted to get back out there and meet someone again and needed help to find a new sporting passion. In a session with me he realised that he would really love to take up tennis and wanted to run the coastal path every morning. We also did some work on his chocolate addiction which had become a real problem. By the end of our treatment he was very motivated and had met some new friends at his tennis club. He had also lost around 4 kilos in body fat, gaining 2 kilos in muscle. His body was looking more toned and he was back out on a Friday night enjoying himself again.
Peter* was a heavy smoker. He was in his thirties and had started getting heart palpitations. He was waking up in the night having panic attacks. He thought that his career wasn't going anywhere and he was being overlooked for promotion at work. His father had died of a heart condition and had also been a smoker. He wanted to stop smoking but felt like he couldn't. The feelings of failure he had about his life and relationships were linked to his relationship with cigarettes. The place where he worked had a very anti smoking culture and he was alienated by his work colleagues. There was also a real fear of dying prematurely. Peter really responded well to the hypnosis and found it easy to stop after our second session. He was amazed by the result as he had tried everything from patches to gum to going cold turkey. He emailed me six months later to say he had taken a new role and promotion with another company and he was a lot calmer and less stressed than he used to be.
Liz* had been diagnosed with mild emphesymia. She didn't want to stop smoking. She associated it with drinking and having a great time. She was in her late thirties and was still partying hard. We spent the first session reframing her attitude towards smoking. After three sessions with me and two long hypnosis sessions Liz stopped smoking and has never looked back. She still enjoys a drink and has a great time. She has found a new relationship and is increasing her fitness levels by taking light exercise.
Charlie* had stopped smoking for a year when his Mum died. It triggered him to start smoking again. We looked at the way he had always used cigarettes to stop the pain or when things went bad. I helped him to remove the social and emotional crutch of cigarettes from his life permanently.
Ryan* had difficulty standing up and giving presentations in front of a small group of people. His job required him to have a team and to give them pep talks and he also found this very challenging. He loved all other areas of his job and was really good at it. People naturally liked him on a one to one level but as soon as he had to get up and be looked at he would freeze, his palms would go sweaty, he wouldn't know who to focus on or where to look. I worked with him on some basic NLP techniques and drama exercises along with hypnotherapy. After just five sessions with me he was a different person. He was smiling and giving eye contact and had much more presence when he entered the room. He was also looking forward to standing up in front of the group and had been asked to speak to a bigger group at work. He found he was actually good at public speaking and had overcome any shy feelings that he had previously had.
Laura* came to see me because she felt unable to communicate socially when in large groups of people. She was fine if it was a small group or a one to one but even amongst large groups of friends, she could feel herself freezing up and unable to tell a story. Her voice would stop working and she would blush and become nervous. After three sessions with me we had released all of her anxiety and built upon her strengths. She was a graphic designer and had a great sense of style and fun about her. Her stories became colourful and interesting and she was able to go to a dinner with new people and hold the attention of the table by talking confidently and with energy about a show she had seen at the Opera House. The hypnosis worked so well for her that she came back to see me to unlock some creative ideas and to find the motivation to change jobs and follow her dream of combining science and graphic design to start her own magazine project.
Li* had been having IVF treatment for over six years. She came to me when she had decided that this was going to be the last round for her due to the expense and emotional pain. I counselled her and helped her to be positive no matter what the outcome would be. She came to me just after the eggs had been implanted and I got her to visualise the eggs implanting in her womb and being protected by her. She left very calm and positive and a few weeks later her husband phoned to thank me. The treatment had been a success and she was pregnant. She came back to see me several times before the birth and was able to have a relaxed birth experience and smooth transition into motherhood.
Jane's* first son had been born via emergency cesarian section two and a half years earlier. She was worried whether she would be able to have a natural birth experience because of her first birth experience. When she came to see me she was pregnant with her second child. She had feelings of failure and real fears that she would end up repeating her previous experience. She still wanted to have a home birth and experience a natural birth. We worked together over three sessions clearing the blocks that she had experienced in her first birth and taking her forward with confidence to the moment of holding her baby in her arms in the birthing pool. Her second son was born naturally and without intervention at home in water.
Marijuana Addiction
Cora* came to me to stop smoking, she then confided that an additional problem was that she was doing two bongs before work every day. She was unable to have a social life and was experiencing paranoid feelings. She felt trapped in her relationship as she and her partner were enabling each other to keep smoking every day. She was no longer happy in her relationship and needed help to believe she could go to New Zealand with a friend and have a good time for three weeks without relying on marijuana. After several sessions she began to let go of the psychological addiction. She began painting again and went away on her holiday. She came to see me when she got back from NZ as she was still finding it hard to let go of the relationship with her partner. I helped her to let go and move on confidently into the next phase of her life, free of both smoking nicotine and marijuana.
Jan* came to see me because she hadn't had a good night's sleep for years. It soon became apparent that she had been very badly hurt by her parents and had been rejected by them. She was a middle aged woman with two teenage daughters. She couldn't let go of the words that they had used and was replaying them again and again in her head. I worked with her turning the voices off, changing the TV channel and various other techniques to help her to heal and move forwards. After just three sessions with me she was sleeping through the night again.