Public Speaking Coaching with NLP

Breakthrough with Fearless Speaking and Presentations

If you are tired of feeling let down when public speaking or presenting and want change. If you have a message and want to get it across effectively and you want to be confident and authentic while you do it then NLP Coaching can help you.

NLP is an interpersonal communications model that can be applied to remove fear of speaking anxiety. When you remove fear & anxiety and apply NLP techniques and strategies to your speaking you can be genuine and authentic, which naturally leads to credibility.

Once you are viewed as credible you can more easily build rapport and influence your audience. Present at senior level, make dynamic pitches, speak in front of large or small audiences.

Give yourself the best preparation and foundation available with 1:1 intensive NLP coaching.

Break Down the Barriers

Hi I’m Julie Rice NLP Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have spent the past 10 years working with people to change their fear to confidence and become powerful and persuasive communicators.

This NLP Coaching Program is specifically designed to address your core speaking issue or anxiety. Change the anxiety to calm and excitement and learn powerful NLP techniques to get your message across clearly and persuasively.

This is a structured 1:1 NLP Coaching program designed through my long experience spending 100s hours discovering what really works:

Julie Rice founder of Hypnotic Health

Julie Rice

  • Master NLP Coach
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

Reverse anxiety and get your message heard

Learn New Patterns & Change Unwanted Feelings

This is a unique 3 hour 1:1 experience which utilises the latest neuro-scientific & NLP Coaching techniques - will help you find clarity around your issues. Through powerful questioning and cutting edge NLP techniques you will move forwards to an understanding of your unique map of the world - here you will create new pathways and move through any major obstacles that are limiting you.

This one-of-kind coaching intensive program helps you to take control back over your situation and place courage where the fear once was. You will anchor deep feelings of calm and teach the mind a new response.

Learn proven drama and public speaking techniques that will help you to create a confident public speaking persona that you can access anytime you need and reveal the powerful speaker you know you can be.

Discover How NLP Coaching for Public Speaking Can Help You